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These motherfuckers are getting systematically revealed through their own fucked-up actions...

Seriously, they've lost it. The Power Structure itself has completely lost the plot.

Of course, they know that we know. They are ready for the Big Push -

And the world is saying: do your worst you fucking cowards...

Chemtrail Investigation: Chapter Five

Hi Brad,

Thanks for your reply. Unfortunately, the explanation of common contrails does not describe what is happening in the skies above our homes.

As is clear from the documented evidence, some of which Ive shared with you, these phenomena are not contrails. Rather, they are thick, gaseous streams of some unknown pollutant, and they disperse directly above where I live, and where our gardens produce food that we eat, and where my neighbor's children play in the yard.

Contrails have never taken hours to disperse; that statement is false. According to pilots of the aircraft themselves, contrails comprised of water vapor disperse in a few minutes, even in no-wind conditions.

Again: These phenomena are not contrails. They remain in the air for hours. They are sprayed in an organized pattern. All of these statements are truthful, as reflected by the documented evidence.

It is fair to say that our community has passed the stage of simple curiosity in regards to this matter. As long as our questions remain essentially unanswered, and the nature and composition of these sprayings remain unknown, we will continue to view these happenings as a public health hazard.

Our community has three simple questions: We want to know what is being sprayed, who is authorizing it, and why it is being sprayed. Until these questions are answered in a fashion satisfactory to the community, then our inquiries will continue.

I've attached some photos I took of the latest spraying, just this morning from my deck.

I will be in touch after I follow up with Environment Canada, Health Canada, Navcan and our municipal government here.



ps. Thank you for your response in regards to any interdepartmental coordination between Transport Canada and DoD. As my question requested, could your please detail the nature and extent of the emergency-preparedness programs you describe in your response.

Also, are there public records of applications and permits issued regarding the "Air Operator Certificate permitting operations under Canadian Aviation Regulations Subpart 702" you mentioned? If so, please detail where this information can be accessed, i.e. records of permit applications and permits issued.

2009/8/6 McNulty, Brad <>
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Here are the answers to your questions. Sorry it took so long. Good luck with your story.
1. Are there any conditions under which the practice of releasing anything in the atmosphere by aircraft, commercial or otherwise, is condoned by Transport Canada? And if so, are there permits or licenses issued for this practice?
The substance released by commercial aircraft is called a ‘contrail’. These condensation, or vapour, trails are by-products of aircraft fuel combustion that typically occur when aircraft cruising altitudes are several miles above the Earth's surface. The combination of water vapour in aircraft engine exhaust and low ambient temperatures that exist at these high altitudes causes the formation of contrails.
Contrails are composed primarily of water, in the form of ice crystals, and therefore do not pose health risks to humans. The ice particles in contrails do not reach the Earth’s surface because they fall slowly, and higher temperatures in the lower atmosphere cause them to evaporate.
Jet engine exhaust provides only a small portion of the water that forms ice in persistent contrails. Persistent contrails are mainly composed of water naturally present along an aircraft’s flight path. Depending on atmospheric conditions and temperature, contrails may be visible for a few seconds, minutes, or may persist for many hours.
2. Also, I would like to know if there are any circumstances, military, commercial, or otherwise, under which a foreign i.e. non-Canadian aircraft would be permitted to release any substances in the atmosphere over Canadian territory?
Aerial spraying is regulated in Canada by several different federal and provincial authorities. In order to operate aircraft for the purpose of Aerial Application in Canada an Air Operator Certificate permitting operations under Canadian Aviation Regulations Subpart 702 is required. Aircraft used for aerial spraying are specifically designed and/or modified for that purpose. Large transport category jet aircraft that fly at high altitudes are never used for these purposes.
3. Finally, I would like to know if Transport Canada has a working relationship with the Department of National Defense. If so, please detail the nature and extent of any projects, policy co-ordination, interdepartmental working groups or any other situation where Transport Canada and DOD or any sub-agencies or affiliates thereof would be working together.
Transport Canada and National Defence collaborate on a range of matters including standardization of aviation terminology to emergency preparedness activities.

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