Friday, July 31, 2009

Shop til you Drop

The whole fuckin gang is in on this one...

Buying Power

The idea is to take Humanity out of Commerce... for a vareity of reasons, most of which involve profit and control, as always... and since everything is Commerce in their world, the idea is to take the Humanity out of Everything...

And if we are not Human, we are nothing... besides breathing machines that generate taxable revenue.

Humanity is an obstacle to commerce because it makes you cry, and because it makes you smile....

Nature is dangerous and foreign because it reminds us that we are just a part of what is going on, not just a one-species show...

By removing the human factor, transactions become sterilized - burnt clean of the bacterium of Responsibility. And not just at the cash register... the real disconnect comes when we don't know where, how, or by whom our items are made and we don't care.

We actively don't give a fuck because giving a fuck shows weakness - shows morality - shows Humanity.

I know, it's lame to talk about the slaves that make the shit we buy - or bought, rather...

We could talk about the buying power of the dollar in purely economic terms.. sterile terms.. and that's bad enough news..

But really Buying Power? We buy it for the big bastards all the time...

How do you think they got that way?


When you're fighting against yourself, who is the enemy?

The campaign to turn us against ourselves is heating up... but since the Internet has transformed us into a Species of Buddies, we are harder to divide than ever...

So, as always, they will use deceptive language and twisted logic in an attempt to justify inhuman behavior.

And as a backup plan, they have hedged their bets, split the difference and implemented the necessary actions to starve us into the whole Cull-scenario that a select few are salivating for...

Thanks guys.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009


The reports came a bit early - but it's looking like they were accurate.

And they've got more than just needles for you...

We hit the road this weekend... Aimed squarely at the fires of Hell... and beyond that lay fresh country for the caravans to roll through, dusty... arched skyscape expanse and cirrus whip for dessert.

Stay up, and stay tuned...

Monday, July 27, 2009

Memory Hole Catch-All

In the days of digital media, everything can be made to dissappear...

So the smart ones among us have started making digital "hard" copies...

And that's the only way you will hear about stuff like this.


I feel that it's safe to assume that this is, in a nutshell, the culmination of many years of preparation and hard work for the power structures...

This is the flicking of the switch... The activation of the new, improved, First World integrated Economic Enforcement Network. Theyve got lawyers, guns and Money, and they've got half a mind to tase your face... or something else... if you stumble out of line...

This means you, dreg of society - and you too, eco-freak. You will eat the garbage they sell you and you will like it.

This is no week-long practice run... this thing is Online Now ("Busy") and you would be wise to wager that it will be staying online.

Through supranational-by-way-of-federal mandate, all law and regulatory enforcement organizations in the still-British Empire have now been co-ordinated, syncopated, synchronized and streamlined into one great big, bad-ass motherfucker of an Army...

This is the New Army - the one that has been designed to wage war on the most prosporous populations of the world as we begin our descent into the Future...

They've worked so hard at this that I almost feel bad that their Big Plan is fucked from the get-go, and will never work... not in the way it's supposed to, anyway.

It wont work because the local sherriff's office in Fart-ville, Georgia has no loyalty to the Federal Government - not when it's asking them to lock up their own cousins. A lot of state National Guardsmen are going to be torn between their duties to the Constitution and the State, and their marching orders from Obama, FEMA and DHS...

There will be plenty of that classic cop-movie "We're FBI. This is our crime scene now" type of shit going down, maybe even rogue platoons of true patriot soldiers who just want to defend the Constitution from it's enemies - foreign and domestic - battling with Blackwater hacks and DHS dum-dums, adjacent to the decaying highways of the American heartland...



Best to pay attention to those who pay attention to facts....

Chemtrail Investigation: Chapter Four

I'll look into this for you, but in the meantime you have documented evidence of this? Can you send me a clip? I'd love to pass this along to help find answers for you.
Brad McNulty | Agent des Relations avec les médias\Media Relations Officer
Relations avec les médias\Media Relations 613-993-0055
Transport Canada / Place de Ville (Tour C), Ottawa, Ontario K1A 0N5
Transports Canada / Place de Ville (Tower C) Ottawa (Ontario) K1A 0N5
Government of Canada ‌ Gouvernement du Canada
tel 613-998-1931 e-mail


CCM mgmt

to Brad
show details 11:02 (48 minutes ago)
Follow up message
Sure Brad. I am working closely with a couple groups here on the island who have been documenting the spraying for a few years now. They have assembled hundreds of hours of footage, some of which can be sampled here:

All of this footage was shot on Vancouver Island, in the Victoria region.

I also have many photos that show both regular contrails, short and quickly dispersed, alongside the spray-trails in question, miles long. These photos show clearly the difference between normal contrails and the spray-trails.

Thanks for your help on this.


Saturday, July 25, 2009


This Swine Flu, hell-vaccine, Baxter/WHO-sponsored-pandemic Axis of Dogshit is getting creepier by the day...

This is the Data Sheet of a Bird Flu vaccine (Prepandrix) made by GlaxoSmithKline.

This is a comprehensive list of the global regulatory codes used to classify the status of a drug.

If you look closely, you'll notce that on the data sheet, Prepandrix has two regulatory codes that cannot be found anywhere on the list of regulatory status codes:

US666 Biodefense stockpile

EU666 Biodefense stockpile

The chillers at cryptogon dug around a bit and found a couple other products that have that same, creepy, unlisted Regulatory Status code - a Smallpox vaccine - that happens to be made by Baxter International.

Let's see that again... Baxter International.

If you trust Baxter, if you trust Squalene, if you trust both the ingredients list of Pandermix and the integrity of your Government or it's Affiliates... Then line up bud, your turn is next.

Ha ah aha 2

You guessed it - those dirty, rotten, fucking bastards have been Caught Red-Handed again.

These dimwits are so tech-illiterate that their big, secret, billion-dollar Department of Homeland Security routinely gets exposed for the frustrated little-man bullies and morons that comprise it's ranks.

Emphatically: Fuck you, Homeland Security, for trying to forment racism and hatred. You get lower each and every day you exist...

I do not advocate violence or other aggressive action against the citizens who comprise your structure; they are often simply misguided people who seek nothing more than a good job and to serve the greater good.

That being said - Fuck You, Homeland Security, for exploiting their needs and intentions and putting them to work as Banana Republic enforcers and dead-eyed bureaucrats.

I look forward to your eventual undoing at the hands of the long-suffering American populace.

Friday, July 24, 2009

Chemtrail Investigation: Chapter Three

to"McNulty, Brad"
date24 July 2009 14:23
subjectRe: Contrails from aircraft
hide details 14:23 (0 minutes ago)

Thanks Brad, i will be in touch with Environment Canada regarding this.

In the meantime, could you please look into my questions regarding permits or licenses issued for the releasing of any substance in the atmosphere, namely:

1. Are there any conditions under which the practice of releasing anything in the atmosphere by aircraft, commercial or otherwise, is condoned by Transport Canada? And if so, are there permits or licenses issued for this practice?

2. Also, I would like to know if there are any circumstances, military, commercial, or otherwise, under which a foreign i.e. non-Canadian aircraft would be permitted to release any substances in the atmosphere over Canadian territory?

3. Finally, I would like to know if Transport Canada has a working relationship with the Department of National Defense. If so, please detail the nature and extent of any projects, policy co-ordination, interdepartmental working groups or any other situation where Transport Canada and DOD or any sub-agencies or affiliates thereof would be working together.

These questions reflect the fact that there is documented, physical evidence of the release of substances, by aircraft, in Canadian airspace. If the senior administration of Transport Canada is unaware of this phenomenon - which is highly unlikely - they well should be. It constitutes a clear and present hazard to not only the health of the citizens of Canada, but also to the environmental regulations which are intended to protect against such hazards.

Thanks for your co-operation on this, looking forward to hearing from you.


Ha ah ah a

Now that there can be no denying the Thermite that was used to bring down the WTC...

You will be seeing a lot of this hilarious nonsense pop up.

Fucking laughable. A Paragraph. Great work guys.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Lose Your Illusion

The more things change, the more they stay the same...

Whenever I come across the word Disillusioned, it is invariably used in a negative way..

i.e. "He became disillusioned with politics, and chose to change course..."

The thing is, to be disillusioned means exactly that: to be Without Illusion.

To see Truth...

So really, when we become disillusioned with something, we should celebrate!

"I've become disillusioned with my job. I've realized what a complete bag of shit it is."


Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Feel Red Defiance

It's too Hot to stop....

For some reason, my thoughts keep coming back to the kids in our contemporary society.

I don't know why, but I keep mentally glancing abck at them to see how they are reacting to what's happening in our world today.

I guess it's only natural, considering they are the bringers of the Next Reality... their own, at least.

The world is burning... and it's so fucking awesome...

Those two women made a real impact with nothing but words, and I guarantee that at least a third of the combined 600,000 people who viewed them are inspired too...

We are gonna win this thing.

Chemtrail Investigation: Chapter Two...or, Pass The Buck

McNulty, Brad

show details 21 Jul (1 day ago)

Follow up message
I have been told that the only substances that should be released during a flight are condensation trails that form in a plane's wake and some exhaust, but Environment Canada would have more infromation on the subject. Any planes spraying would be a local issue and you should try and reach those officials. Sorry I couldn't help you out, but good luck with your story!

Brad McNulty | Agent des Relations avec les médias\Media Relations Officer
Relations avec les médias\Media Relations 613-993-0055
Transport Canada / Place de Ville (Tour C), Ottawa, Ontario K1A 0N5
Transports Canada / Place de Ville (Tower C) Ottawa (Ontario) K1A 0N5
Government of Canada ‌ Gouvernement du Canada
tel 613-998-1931 e-mail

Boiling Frogs

The heat is officially on, folks.

Keep your eyes on the skies and your feet on the ground...

War, Part 2: Multiple Front Lines

Now that we've looked at How war is waged, we can turn our attention to Where it is waged...

War, in overt or covert form, is taking place all around us. Some wars are so subtle and the battles so small that we are not even aware of them. Sometimes, war is purposely disguised as something else (using deceptive language) to make it more palatable to the people who actually fund the wars being waged....Us.

Wars of aggression, economic and trade wars, ideological wars, policy wars, wars on concepts and wars on sickness... Wars on people and wars on Nature herself.

The current power structures understand that in order to maintain their position, war must be waged on any emerging threat. This logic of necessary, 'pre-emptive' attack is grotesquely stretched to include the mere concept of the possibility of an emerging threat.

Hence, we can justify the wholesale murder of children, since within their fertile young minds, the seed of Resistance may have taken root... We can justify the razing of community farms because they represent an emerging economic threat... We can justify the electrocution and torturous imprisonment of citizens because they have made their opposition to the Game explicitly clear by not being subservient enough. We can even justify the imposition of sickness since to promote health would constitute a threat to the profit margins of certain entrenched elements of the Power Structure.

How have we ended up here?

The answer is: By declaring all of the above to be "For Your Safety and Security".

Like all steaming piles of bullshit, you will find fresh Rationality around every turn with these arguments, possibly even gift-wrapped with strands of de-contextualized Truth...

As I am fond of pointing out, we can rationalize anything. Someone got cut? Ban knives.

It makes sense, doesn't it? Of course it does, on one level - it appeals to the reactionary aspect of our nature, and also to our desire for a straightforward solution.

Do enough research and you will find that the power structures utilize this straightforward logic when it serves them, but if such logic is ever employed in the conception of a Different Way of Doing Things... well, that's the type of thing that will get you... in trouble.

Anyway, we've been through this: When they founded the great big US of A, they knew exactly what they were doing - they made sure that the People retained the right to issue currency, the right to say whatever they feel like, including criticize the Government, and to back it all up they made sure that the People are allowed to be armed to the teeth, so that should the Government ever infringe on the rights of the People it is supposed to represent, the People can retain populist power by force if necessary. The Constitution of the United States was crafted specifically to limit Government power, as is clear by the 10th Amendment which states that any powers not delegated to the Federal Goverment stay with the States by default...

In the last post, I stated that to begin to understand the World and how it works, you have to first acquire an understanding of War... Now that we have seen that war is ubiquitous, you are better equipped to identify the true nature of things that take place all around you.

The first step to getting better is to admit that there is a problem...

NEXT: Part 3: Peacefully Dismantling the War Society

Tuesday, July 21, 2009


The Future looms like a City on a distant horizon...

It is the epitome of Paradox... as certain as uncertainty can conjure.

It is built up and torn down simultaneous, at thousands of points throughout it's construct... possibilities are designed and nurtured, vilified and strangled... people are born, die...

New Realities bloom beneath the plunger of the addict's syringe, witness to a bleeding sunset... in the crackling dendrites of an autistic child, calculating infinite eyelash away from Disaster... forever and ever.

I'm heading out on tour in 10 days, for the month of August. I get the feeling that our itching to join the froth of the wave at the Ends of the Earth is matched only by the Earth's exuberance and ferocity as it enters the warp-speed phase of it's current transformation...

Nature's full attention has been reluctantly turned to us now... we have clawed at Her ankles and yanked at Her robes for so long... She is disturbed by her predicament.

What will she do with us?

I think She understands that we need to learn the hard way - again - and that she will let us go through our strange, evolutionary pubescence on our way to actual Maturity...

Like all good mothers, she knows we have to figure some things out on our own.

This blog will become a sort of tour diary while I'm gone, since daily life invariably inspires what is written here... I wont be talking about the shows, more the peripheral quality that Reality takes on when you are just a fleeting particle in time to stop, or even really slow down...hurtling through space, asleep at the base of a twisted Oak or a stolid Jack Pine....

I've never enjoyed stability, of any kind. Until this past year. Now I thirst for the fluctuating balance between stability and fluidity... between the rigidity of a disciplined life and the intangible energy that is Music... Every day, I assemble bits of both into a Reality, one that I can occupy... and I can tell you, knowing which parts to keep and how to fit them together is only the beginning.

Because once you've got that down, you're starting the Long Haul... Starting your Real Work.

I wont pretend to know what the Meaning of Life is, but I'm certain that Dedication to something greater than yourself is the way to some semblance of fulfillment, purpose, and peace in this world...



It's been about five years now that I've been doing daily reading and research about our social, economic, and political systems...the Study of Reality.

It's a hobby. I certainly wouldn't want to make a profession out of it - although I used to say the same thing about playing music... my concern being that by being forced to do something every day I would learn to hate it... Which is a valid worry.

When you truly, deeply Love something, however - inevitably, you will come to a fork in the road of your relationship with this thing, and you will have to choose either commitment or abandonment...

For Music, I chose commitment.

For the Study of Reality, we will have to wait and see.

After these 5 years of study, and a couple short months of published commentary, I feel I am ready, if not entirely qualified, to make a few predictions. Keep in mind that most of the people who make decisions in our country are not qualified in any way to do so...

Maybe that's why I feel my predictions are as worthy as most people's - and possibly more informed.

2009 - 2012

I think that we are going to see simultaneous, paradoxical developments in many areas of interest, including social structure, community development, economics, armed conflict, trade, infrastructure, finance, distribution of goods, agriculture, and the black market.

When I say paradox - I mean that we will see things happen that seem to indicate the emergence of a trend - and we will see things happen that seem to negate the possibility of this trend ever playing out. These things will be happening together, at once, and it will be up the Beholder to determine which Reality he or she would prefer to subscribe to.


The Cities are going to become literal concentrations of misery. Real-World economics are alreday dictating that the cost of shipping goods - including food - is impractical in today's world. Globalism has failed in practice, and that is because it's principles are not in harmony with Reality: It simply does not make sense to truck bluberries up from Mexico when we grow them here in BC. It is not our job as citizens to accept massively inflated prices at the supermarket because it somehow means we are providing jobs and growth to Mexican truck drivers....and excessive profits to those who make and sell the gas.

They, in turn, are sick of having to work 80 hour weeks for a few bucks an hour so that the Company can Stay Competitive.

Blueberries: 1.99/pint or 3.99/half-pint. This is also the New Reality. Which will you support?

Paradox: I predict that we will see a 'Divestment' of human resources out of the Cities, at the same time as we will witness a mass influx of starved-out small town populations into the Cities. Basically, many people will simply leave where they are to try to find hope elsewhere. Those who are suffering on the bottom rungs of the urban reality will move out to the abandoned suburbs, the towns, even the bush, to try and eke out an existence away from the violence and vulgarity of the City. Some will band together and lay the foundations for new (old) self-sustaining agricultural communities, farms, co-operatives. Some will not have the ability to conceptualize a new way of living, and nomadic or sedentary tribes of unstable, substance-abusing, outcast citizens will flourish. There will be beautiful, self-sustaining communities and there will be decrepit, desperate, savage communities - likely within miles of each other.

The flip side to this will be the influx of small-town people who, facing falling revenues and few options, will feel that their best hope to find more economic opportunities would be a move to the City.


In the event of a currency failure, alternatives will immediately become available within the more organized communities. Barter will become very common and we will see a return to common-sense valuation of items. This is a necessary and natural progression after financial catastrophe due to the predominance (and worthlessness) of non-sensical "products" like Collateralized Debt Obligations.

Paradoxically, as these grassroots economies take root, we will see the entrenching of current economic power and policy at the Federal and Corporate level. In the event of a currency failure, the Corporate Government will issue a new currency, likely the global currency that has been in the works for some time. The Corpogov will then declare as 'unsafe' or 'unstable' any new economic models/currencies being used by the communities, and demand that the 'pessimists' stop undermining the economic dictatorship (still run by the Fed, of course.) This will be a defacto declaration of war on the citizenry, and should the Corpogov decide to start using force to break up these new economies, violent raids and subsequent resistance will become standard.

To be continued...

Monday, July 20, 2009


Those of us who don't know much about it regard math as some sort of Perfect Language that can quantify anything...But poke around enough and you will discover that math can be distorted and subverted, just like any language...

Take this for example. Here we have an equation, a Tool if you will, designed by a brilliant man for a specific purpose. He was so intent on creating this formula that he either:

A) Failed to realize the unstable nature of the conclusions the equation produced - which I doubt, since he is a genius...or...

B) Recognized the unstable nature of the conclusions the equation produced but pronounced it useable in the Real World anyway, kowtowing to some combination of external and internal pressure.

The whole business world was salivating for that formula.

Regardless of intent, it is a perfect example of corrupt language, in this case mathematical.

It is also a good study in Paradox, since it contributed to great Creation as well as great Destruction...

At the end of the day, for all it's brilliance and complex simplicity, this Tool failed to produce anything of lasting Value.

This is because it was not based in Reality.

Sunday, July 19, 2009

War, Part 1: Overt and Covert Hostilities

To understand the world, you must understand War...

You must also understand the properties of Language...but that's for other posts.

All organized conflict can be categorized one of two ways: Overt or Covert.

Overt means straight up:
Invasion, soldiers, tanks, air strikes, nuke strikes, etcetra.

Covert means indirect... Deniable...'Black Ops'.

If I paid some kid to go rob a gas station so we could split the money, that's a low-level covert operation. The idea is to make things happen without being held responsible for them.

In the olden days, war was primarily Overt. Men of opposed Nations battled on distant fields, led ever forward by commanders based back Home. These were National struggles that endeavoured to involve citizens at every level. Those who couldn't actually fight were expected to contribute whatever they could to the War Effort; children were enlisted in Youth Corps in order to instill militarism and whatever philosphy was deemed appropriate by the State; rationing and shared sacrifice were a part of the effort...Ring any bells?

Moving right along...

Deep in the bowels of the military and political power structures, however, we now know that highly intelligent men and women schemed on how best to humiliate and defeat their Enemies in
imaginitive and original ways. Here, away from the straightforward, jingoistic dialog of Overt Warfare, ideas that would never survive public scrutiny flourished...

All the snazzy James Bond stuff that you can dream of, coupled with every living nightmare, was conceptualized, directed and funded Covertly:
Assassinations, false-flag attacks, counterintelligence, propaganda campaigns, the funding and supplying of paramilitary groups and militias in foreign nations...cyanide capsules, microfilm, high-tech weaponry...Tons of stuff.

When faced with evidence, they have little choice but to
admit some Truth, by the way...

As an aside, it is important to note that the Military and Corporate-Industrial structures together account for all technological innovation in the world: We fund Governments, who fund the military, who in turn fund
companies who pursue the development of new weapons technology. These technologies are then introduced to the Market, first militarily, then to the Civilian market. This is the basic engine of the economy: Energy, communications, aerospace engineering, automotive, biotech, nanotech, genetics, security - even advertising - are just a few of the industries propelled in this fashion.

In times of Peace, which could more accurately be called times of Fewer Overt Hostilities, these ideas came in handy when a Nation refused to implement the United States-friendly economic model, as happens from time to time...Snubbed, but unable to react on the world stage with a military response, the US (or any nation, for that matter) could then take the Covert route: discreetly funding political opposition in the "rogue" nation, maybe even arranging some low level terrorist activity...Up to and including an Invasion - just small enough to be considered Covert.

Over time, the conventional military and it's arsenal became so powerful that to even contemplate the use of the weapons was illogical, since their use meant disaster on a planetary scale. War had become impractical. These developments coincided with the poularization of the antiwar sentiment due to the disastrous invasion of Vietnam. As a result, Covert operations became the preferred means of combat.

NEXT: Part 2: Multiple Front Lines


As an artist, it pains me to tell you that the most effective way to express how you feel about the world is by spending - or not spending - your money.

Our elders have spent generations building a place worth living - a place where we are free to speak our minds, free to choose our own destiny...A place where compassion trumps vengeful thinking...

Where the possibility of a peaceful Today is very real and sustainable.

We have fucked up along the way, and we have triumphed... More than anything, we have learned...And are still learning.

The fact is, now that we see where the Corporate Problem can lead...

Our generation is tasked with one hell of a fight: The removal of excessive corporate power and influence from our society.

I am not an anti-Capitalist. Corporations have a role in our society; that place is one of service, community investment, and worker support.

When the Corporation becomes self-serving, ruthless, inhuman, murderous - that's when we need to realize exactly what it has become...And in turn take the necessary steps to kill it Dead.

So... Money.

All the needless wars, all the jobs lost, all the medical care denied, all the debt, all the twisted science and horrendous logic, all the suffering and ineptitude...

All this nonsense can be stopping the flow of the Money. Money.

Whoever is financing one or both sides is doing very well, believe me...

This means that if you can somehow stop the Money, you can stop the War. You can stop all the garbage you witness on a daily basis, if you only take the time to really Decide where your money goes...

There is currently a growing boycott of Israeli goods underway, worldwide. It began in earnest during the butchering of 1500 or so Palestinian civilians during Operation Kill Em All back in January. I think the boycott is a great idea; Israel is one shitbox of a Corporation.

The Corporation that is America, not to be confused with the beautiful country and formidable people of the United States, is also a murderous, blood-soaked, racist piece of Garbage Corporation. It is an enterprise of savagery and exploitation.

Bureaucracy is Money. The paychecks stop and the Department dies...

Murder on a National Scale is money. Why do you think people join the Military? For Glory, for Service? If that was true then they wouldn't need signing bonuses to populate the killing fields.

Once upon a time, when there was at least the Illusion of something worth Dying For, some kids joined for Glory...

But now the illusion has vanished. We can see the writing on the wall....

And that's why it was time for The Big One and Homeland Security and Patriot Acts and Freedom Fries...As well as an orchestrated cultural shift reflecting the need for Savagery and Meat-Porn in our contemporary world....But for all their sinister attempts...The Plan? It's not really working.

Straight Up? We - the people - need to take the power back. Literally, take it.

One by one or a million at a time...

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Metadata Doubts

I'm thinking about Doubt again...

About how it is the nature of digital media to ingrain doubt about the information

Digital pictures can be altered at will by those with a little skill and software...The Internet is polluted with distorted truths and quarter-facts...

The upside is that constant trolling, if you are doing it right, will sharpen your Critical Thinking skills - aka your ability to sniff out bullshit.

The scary part is when things that were part of Reality very recently dissappear down a memory hole...

When Reality is so editable, language so malleable, it throws the veracity of everything into question...

Do you see how this resonates with all these manufactured crises taking place?

Uncertainty is the hallmark of the New Reality...

I figure the trick is to realize and accept that the only constant theme of your life will be Change...

That way, uncertainty and inconsistencies are welcomed as normal instead of disastrous...

Look at these guys for Christ's sake.

Chemtrail Investigation: Chapter One

Where I live, we have a great backyard... Cherry, apple and plum trees, with tall, thick hedges providing some privacy from the neighbors. Off of the house we have a 2-level wooden deck with plenty of space to barbecue or lounge around on the patio furniture.

I spend a lot of time out there, and from the deck you have a view clear to the mountains...

Like everywhere else, there is a ton of chemtrail spraying going on over my city and the surrounding areas... Due to my newfound viewpoint from the deck, however, I have gradually become very irritated by the near-daily release of massive, thick aerosol trails across the skies, which then drift slowly downward and gradually disperse over our homes and gardens.

So I said "Fuck It" and decided to start an investigation. My feeling is that Citizens should, and do, have the right to know what is being released in the skies over the country that they built and continue to build. We - people - are the Government...Or at least, that's the idea...

This investigation consists of Three Questions. They are:

1. Who is in control of the airspace over my city, i.e. who is allowing the large-scale spraying that is taking place?

2. What is being sprayed?

3. Why is it being sprayed?

Straightforward stuff...

I started with my first question last week. First I called that O-Canada phone number and asked them Question One. They said that it would likely be the Municipality. When I called the City, they said that it should be the Feds: Either Transport Canada or Enviro Canada. I called TC Media Relations and they were a little stumped. So they said they would get back to me.

The next day, I received this email from Transport Canada, titled 'Contrails from Aircraft'.

Contrails from aircraft

fromMcNulty, Brad
date9 July 2009 11:10
subjectContrails from aircraft
hide details 9 Jul (8 days ago)
Follow up message

Hi Nathan,

After some discussion here we recommend that you contact NavCan to try and find out what planes you saw, and contact Environment Canada to find out what entrails could be coming from the passenger craft.

Good luck with your story.

Brad McNulty | Agent des Relations avec les médias\Media Relations Officer
Relations avec les médias\Media Relations 613-993-0055
Transport Canada / Place de Ville (Tour C), Ottawa, Ontario K1A 0N5
Transports Canada / Place de Ville (Tower C) Ottawa (Ontario) K1A 0N5
Government of Canada ‌ Gouvernement du Canada
tel 613-998-1931 e-mail

fromHonest Booking // CCM
to"McNulty, Brad"
date9 July 2009 15:54
subjectRe: Contrails from aircraft
hide details 9 Jul (8 days ago)
Follow up message
Thanks Brad.

I received a phone call today from NavCan explaining that they are in fact the official administrators of all Canadian airspace. We have a dialog open and I will be co-ordinating with them and Environment Canada to see what kind of answers we can get.

I appreciate your help, regards


fromHonest Booking // CCM
to"McNulty, Brad"
date17 July 2009 11:13
subjectRe: Contrails from aircraft
hide details 11:13 (22 hours ago)
Follow up message
Hi Brad,

Hope all is well. I have just had a long conversation with NavCanada, and they explained that for any flight, commercial or otherwise, permits must be issued by the Minister of Transport for any sort of substance / objects to be released while in air.

From here, I would like to know what kind of information is available on the details of permits issued for the release of substances while in flight.

Is the information detailing the nature of permits issued available publicly? As in, if a company requested and recieved a permit to release substances in flight, would there be a public record of that?

Thanks for looking into this.


fromMcNulty, Brad
toHonest Booking // CCM
date17 July 2009 11:18
subjectRE: Contrails from aircraft
hide details 11:18 (22 hours ago)
Follow up message
What is your deadline for this? Can you remind me what magazine you are writing for again?

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date17 July 2009 11:30
subjectRe: Contrails from aircraft
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This is a feature piece - no deadline as of yet.

The magazine is Street Carnage (formerly Rage) - I am the managing editor of their print version, now in production.




So that's where it's at. We'll see where it leads!