Tuesday, June 30, 2009


I'm into facts; things that are true.

Not suspected, not alleged...

Not according to, nor "sources say..."

It's important to make the distinction. Language can be deceptive.

Let's look at some examples...

When I say, "At least one of the two main World Trade Center towers was brought down on September 11 with the assistance of nano-thermitic material", that is a fact.

It is not debatable; it is not an opinion; it is not a theory.

Not alleged, nor suspected, nor is it "according to sources".

It is scientific, proven, incontrovertible....fact.

When I say, "It's a shame that so many great people make the mistake of joining the military, because there is a good chance that the military will turn you into a murdering, insane, drug-addicted, amputee, homeless person....or some combination therof....or worse..."

That's a bit tricky. Can you find the fact?

"...there is a good chance..." You can call that a fact. But it's imprecise - how do you quantify a good chance?

So: is it still fact? Is it true? Do we even know what it is?

Moving right along...

How about this:

"Iraq has links to Al-Qaeda."

Most people who know their recent past will get understandably pissed at this assertion, and they will say that it's completely untrue...And in a military, operational sense, they are right.

But saying "Iraq has links to Al-Qaeda."...

Well, what is Iraq? A Country. What is it full of? Iraqi citizens. Is it possible that, out of millions of Iraqis, one of them has a cousin who once bought a counterfeit DVD from a guy on the street...and that guy bought the DVD's wholesale from a guy who also does business with Al-Qaeda....

Then shit yeah, Iraq has links to Al-Qaeda. Verified.

That's how these idiots work. This the kind of investigative logic they employ.

Don't believe it? They pull the same shit domestically too.

If they want it to be, your bathroom is a chemical weapons factory.

More to come...

Questions and Answers

So the US has pulled out of Iraqi cities... Glad that's over with!

Christ, this was less than a month ago. Do they think we're retarded? Or do they just not give a shit about us anymore? The answer to both is:

I know, I'm being a pessimist...or a terrorist...or whatever.

Nothing gets under the skin like tough questions....Questions who's answers are not pretty.

Some people have no problem answering tough questions. These are the people that experience has taught me to trust. The ones who are forthcoming, straightforward - and the least likely to be compromised by conflict of interest.

The ones who get angry when asked questions, the ones who evade, ridicule, attack.... These are the ones who can't stand to face their own lies...

Pink Elephants

Things are looking bad - for all sides - when the Government works to prevent rational discourse...

Since when is it their job to moderate our discussions?

This is the type of thing that happens regularly once we start introducing Hate Legislation into our society...

They sound like benevolent ideas - you know, with names like this - who is going to argue against an anti-bully law that uses the name of a dead child in it's title? No one...Except for those in the know who recognize that deceptive language is often used to disguise the true nature of something.

There is no need for new laws to punish the motivation of crimes. We already have a justice system. Criminal acts are punished regardless of the criminal's belief system. (One way to break this functioning system is by overwhelming it with pointless bureaucracy.)

If you know a bit about history, you know that Governments regularly use creative language to make terrible ideas sound great. If this is a concept you can't or won't wrap your head around, then you can stop reading now.

Keeping this in mind... once you peel away the despicable use of dead children to trigger an emotional response in order to facilitate the passing of the law... once you peel away all the speeches and justifications...what you have is a law that sets the stage for the supression of dissenting thought and opinion.

The key to control is getting them used to something. It's like the old analogy: Dont think of a pink elephant....

These varied assaults on common sense are implemented with the intention of creating an atmosphere of distrust and cynicism, eating away at what little sense of community we have left...so that there is more and more opportunities for the Federal / Corporate / Supranational entity to supervise and regulate us....all paid for with our own money, of course.

By the way, these are the statistics they would prefer you not see.

Many people say things that make us want to vomit. They say things we don't agree with. They say things that infuriate us.

That is the nature of a free society.

"If we don't believe in freedom of expression for people we despise, we don't believe in it at all."

Noam Chomsky

Monday, June 29, 2009

Chillers and Hams

Here are a few words from more people who know what they are talking about....and the more they talk, the more tool-bags like this get all wound up.....

Maybe Krug-face is right - maybe science IS treason!

Since everything else is, after all.

Sigh. You know things are pretty fucked when bombastic, clown-face hams are the only ones putting the pieces together...besides him, of course.

Tough Decisions

Well, here we go! Down the rational path to barbarism.

In case you haven't noticed, we are good at rationalizing insanity. That's the only way insane policy gets enacted - rationalize the issue to death. Or just stay silent as every single tenet your nation was founded on is undermined.

The average TV watcher won't catch clear descriptions of these new policies - This is the power of deceptive language and subtle manipulation.

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Being Fair

Given my outspoken opposition to horseshit and de facto slavery, I may come across a little harsh at times....

I may seem callous when I laugh off well-intentioned, uninformed dum-dums, or their polar opposite / twin, retard corpo-slime...

But the fact is, I love my fellow man. I also think the natural world is more beautiful and subtle and intricate than Man could ever hope to imitate...

Art is simply Man`s attempt to imitate, however clumsily, the beauty of Creation. We cant begin to comprehend it`s complexity with our limited resources - but we will try, like a sparkly-eyed, dim-wit of a mutt chasing it`s own tail.

My deep and irrepressible crush on Life and everything in it (I like to say that the blood at a murder scene is as beautiful as the blood at a birth... super-gay) is balanced with what I consider to be a sense of Fairness, and a sense of Relativity.

Relativity, in practice, is as simple as keeping expectations in line with who you are expecting them from. Example: For me to abstain from drinking alcohol for a week is no feat at all.

But for a full-blown alcoholic, such a challenge is akin to impossible.

Keep this concept in mind as we shift our lens from drunks to the power-drunk...from the small to the large...micro to Macro.

It's true that The Masses, collectively, are the main cause of human pollution: The poor, as a segment of the population, obviously pollute more than the rich. That's because there are billions more of them... the poor, I mean.

So stuff like this, despite it's truths, is flawed in it's implication. Why? Because it ignores...


Since the dawn of the Industrial Revolution, environmental and ecological concerns have taken a backseat to corporate profit. The pollution perpetrated by the largest industrial concerns in North America is constant, willful, and monumental in scale. It is thoroughly documented and increasingly visible. These days, it's also one hell of a revenue stream. Pollution is profitable.

With market penetration and profits topping corporate priorities, emerging media became a vital tool in the advertisement and promotion of products. By mid 20th century, public relations firms who specialize in the use of emotional manipulation and deceptive language not only worked to market the products, but also to whitewash and protect the producers from liability for any damages caused by the use of their products - be they personal, social, or environmental.

Teams of lawyers are retained by every major company in the world with the intention of protecting company interests, whatever they may be. For example, one day, the lawyers may be pursuing litigation against a competitor for patent infringement; the next, they may be reviewing potential options for defensive motions in response to a lawsuit filed against the company.

This may seem obvious, but it needs to be said that different people bring different styles of management to the companies they work for. Some people are by the book; some people are more casual and creative; some are downright criminal. These traits are not superseded by loyalty to the public good.

This means that, if you put the wrong people in the wrong positions, you will get a world of trouble.

It's safe to say that somewhere along the line, corruption, nepotism, gangsterism, and environmental contempt became the norm. Now we are at a strange juncture where the industrials crank out product, and these trolls work to hawk it, while the legal teams make sure no one is ever guilty of anything...that liability is never to be admitted, and only accepted when under threat of extreme consequences... And once the public loses confidence, the corrupt Government steps in to occupy one more role - that of breathless consumer - while making sure to ramp up the intimidation at the behest of those who write their cheques.

Like any parasitical entity, the corporate/political machine doesn't intend to totally annhilate it's host: It wants to keep it alive for as long as possible, to suck every remaining drop of vitality and treasure from it's flesh....

This is exactly what this new campaign of 'tighten your belt', 'let's all pitch in', 'reduce emissions' and 'no more luxury' is rooted in - an attempted shift of corporate and industrial responsibility and liability for greivous public and environmental crimes to the public that they have been feeding on for so long....

And of course, they stand to make a lot of money doing it, too.

How completely insane is it that the working people of our nations are expected to suffer Depression-era austerity, coupled with massive cuts to public funds for the functioning of our society and our infrastructure - when it's our fucking money that they are printing up (i.e. devaluing) to fund failed derivative Ponzi schemes?

They destroy everything they touch, they poison every source - and now it's time for us to pitch in, to do our part... To flog ourselves at confession and beg forgiveness for being born.... or at least pay our taxes in earnest and thank our oppressors for giving us the opportunity to fund them....

Twenty bucks says that there will be a carbon tax on every birth within twenty years. Any takers?

They pass us their debts, they pass us their poison garbage, they sell us our own misery - while we bet on which of their horses will kill us - in this fucked-up nightmare casino.

And now...after having emptied our wallets... they want our lives.

...I almost forgot to metion the mass scientific rejection of climate change, and by extension any legislation derived therof, due to the fact that most climate change models aren't based on real data but predictions... also known as guessing....

In the end, they are realizing that they can't kill our inherent goodness, our inclination to help each other...so they figured out a way to exploit it. Volunteering, being frugal, working hard - all good things....

Just make sure you are doing them for the right reasons.

Voluntary Servitude

These days, it would seem that nothing is sacred...

As we like to say around here, This Is Happening Now. It's meant to be humorous, a-la stating the obvious, but it' s true: It really is happening now.

And if you honestly believe that this is for the betterment of humanity... That the same moral geniuses who brought us this and this and this and this... and let's not forget this - Are suddenly concerned with Saving The World - for all of us - Then you will be happy munching on grass like it's North Korea once you've been carbon-taxed into serfdom.... Knowing that you're doing your part to pitch in....

If you can't see how completely ridiculous this all is... I feel for you.

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Tomorrow's History

Covering your ass is an art all it's own....

Keeping that ass covered is tough in war, and tougher in politics.... But when it comes to business, boy... Now there's a challenge.

Now and then we are fortunate enough to hear from someone who is no longer concerned with covering their ass... Someone who's priorities have changed.

Here's something worth watching...some attempted ass-covering going on there!

Tough language - but is he right?

It's important to remember the concepts of libel and slander - you cant just say whatever you feel like about somebody. You can't just make up quotes and references.

Anyway...Critical thought is a long-term exercise. Start doing it regularly and you will be surprised at what kind of truths you will be able to entertain....

Friday, June 26, 2009

Garbo Zone

God. Sign out for three minutes and the skies fill with garbage, and it's back to work....

Situations that look remarkably like past situations...etcetera.

Back at home, where trust is undermined, casually - a casualty of business...And it's all business.... There is peace to be had, but it's not quite the peace that we think it is...It's a peace that was built on a bloody slaughterhouse floor, and the guts were still fresh when we laid the planks over them...

Slippery, wet, slimy guts of dead people - men, women, children - that's what our proud leaders would have us celebrate, because that is what we Export like pallets of knock-off Tommy Jeans - except ours are Pallets of Death.

I know, it's funny right? It totally is! LMAO!!

Columbus Day? Do you have any idea who the fuck Columbus was?

Real Assets for Dummies

These people aren't stupid.

They've been doing this for a while...and buying other stuff, too....and the fact that we are starting to read about it means that we are expected to start getting used to reading about it.

No matter where you look, no matter what angle you take - it seems we are being prepped for a massive reduction in living standards....

Getting someone used to something is what control is all about.

Give someone only grass to eat for a week and they will call you a Saint for giving them some peanuts.

Tell them it's for the Environment and people will give their lives...Or at least pay out the nose for the privelige of living them...

No matter what it is: Just get them used to it, and it's no big deal. Really.

How about some real change?

Maybe we could let everyone in on the whole money-is-free thing. I could certainly use some Quantitative Easing. I think we all could - not just these guys.

Seriously. If we can print up a trillion, if we can build this, if we can design this and this -

Then how can we believe that the world 'just is the way it is' - full of hunger and needless war and varied savagery - disguised as necessary, of course - how do we believe that anymore?

Oh wait, I know...because we are told that there is no other way.... That the world is a cruel place full of nightmare brown / yellow / red people and scary punks who live only to destroy...

If we don't go over there - to fight them - they will come get us. Helpless, cornered, us.

If we dont stop them now...I mean, if we don't stop them...after we fund them...and entrap them....they might actually do something....oh nevermind.

If we don't take charge - the terrorists win... Right?

Late-Stage Monopoly

There are a lot of people out there doing research that turns things on their heads...

Call them crazy, but check the sources, do your research and there's no denying the fact that their arguments - and successes - are based on...truth.

If you aren't the researching type, it's still fun to watch bureaucrats get nervous when certain questions are raised...

Now, just because something is true doesn't mean it's sanctioned. If it goes against the rules, reprimand is necessary. Alternate systems are not tolerated.

Anyway - it's pretty late in the game now. Word is getting around.

And that's why their plan seems to be to hedge their bets: A) Cash out, and B) Do all they can to keep the game going....and going....and going....

Besides, even if things go sour up here, there are always emerging markets.....

Thursday, June 25, 2009

The Game

More world-changing tech in the news...and we keep finding old stuff to go with the new...

More revelatory accounts of treachery.... this is the Information Age after all.

For those who grew up while the power structure was still a viable way of life - its hard to know where you won't get ripped off these days. These corpo-people...they are only interested in one thing...

Playing, and winning, the game.

They're on the hunt, and you've got the meat... and they all can tell you where to put it...

If they can just print it off for these guys, cant we just do the same for stuff like this?

Isn't money, as per the policy of both the Governement and the guys who make the money - free?

Money is free. As of right now. The best explanation in the world doesn't change fact.

Ah, business.....Business is good....business is up.

You know, Business runs on contracts....And when you start figuring out contracts...and how they affect your everyday life...

Well, things just start to get a little weird, as they always have.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

The Bottom of the Top

The world we were used to is changing so quickly that things can lose their meaning - their literal definition - not even as the result of a challenge, but just from trying to reference something...

Take the concept of Freedom. We champion it, but what does it mean?

When we say, "Canada is a free country", how do we define that?

Democratically elected parliament, freedom of speech, freedom of worship, freedom of assembly...

I think it's fair to say that most Canadians would agree with me that these qualities, these tangible attributes, define our Free Country....

I've been thinking about freedom in terms of possibilities, as in: how vast is the spectrum of possible actions at any given time -

Or freedom as knowledge base - as in, you are only as free as you can conceive yourself to be

So if you don't have the knowledge, you don't have the freedom - and that's true.

If you don't know about possibilities, they don't exist for you. Relativity in action.

By extension, if you can't afford possibilities, they don't exist for you either...even if you know about them.

So for those of us who were born at the bottom (of the top..) - we have to start learning, and earning, and quick.

School is one way - and works until about junior high. After that, you can choose to keep going to school, or you can learn out in the World. Two very different places.

Either way, there is only one thing to do: Work. At a job or at a class. Just get to work.

It's the same deal even if you decide to leave society and fuck off out into the woods by yourself and just eat grass and hunt and sip from a stream and hang out all day. That is still working your ass off.

What are we free from? Oppression? Sure, it's not gang rape, but working full-time at Wal-Mart is an affront to rationality.

Can that be a rule? "If it involves doing something you hate - to survive - it's oppression."

Does our Freedom free us from responsibility for the products we use? I know, that sounds gay.

I'm just fucking around. We are more free than Zimbabweans.

But the people of that and other exotic vacation destinations are also free...

They are generally free from some of the more devious mind pollution that we are subject to...

Free of illusion....

Not quite sure what I'm getting at....but I do know that every day, I thank God that I won the Earth Lottery, and was born here - fed, sheltered, cared for.

And I imagine that, if I was a kid somewhere different, that I would think about what a kid in Canada would be doing - all the amazing things at his fingertips - he could be at a movie, or shopping, or out in a park...or playing computer games...he could be... not in a war-torn husk of a nation with no infrastructure and limitless corruption....trying to build a future from mud...

Arguments and Repetitions

The tough part about learning things, again, is that it changes you.

In essence, learning is an exercise in self-immolation; once completed, you rise anew from the ashes of your former self, and by extension, your former reality.

Bad Religion says: "Everyone is a hypocrite." In that vein, I'll admit that I find myself agreeing with a lot of the arguments made for societal control, selective breeding and sterilization, population control... My instinct is to be repulsed by these concepts and their practical application... But the more you read, the more you learn - your perspective slowly shifts outward until you gain that macro perspective I've been talking about... The perspective needed to oversee the direction of the human species (talk about arrogant!)...The one that is needed to make 'painful sacrifices'...

The perspective that allows you to justify inhuman behavior, up to and including the torturous murder of fellow human beings - in the name of logic, of course.

For example...I've posted this link a few times already, but do you know who this guy is? If not, look him up. Right here. He is a fairly influential figure.

Anyway, I'm repeating myself: It is easy to convince yourself of something, even easier to let someone else convince you. Especially if the convincers have letters next to their name or lots of money, or both....

My argument goes as follows: Business logic, theoretical economics, macro-level societal planning - no matter how well-presented - all must stop dead at the brick wall of the real world.

The only other option is insanity: A world where we sell guns and bombs to other countries so they can kill each other - because it's good business. Where we work feverishly to create the most horrendously murderous agents known to man, and endeavor to release them - because it's good for the species. Where we joke about shooting innocent women and children, where God's acolytes deal in rape, where humans are garbage and cash rules.

Again - lots of repeating going on today - I understand the arguments, and I understand how their logic leads inexorably to our present situation. I also understand that they cleary believe themselves to be 'advanced' humankind - so intelligent, so all-seeing, that they take it upon themselves to re-write the laws of nature with their deceptive language...and muck about in places they shouldn't...and all because they had the inclination. Because they decided.

They are wrong - dead wrong. They are the opposite of advanced - they have allowed fundamentally flawed thinking corrupt their true, humane nature.

They have regarded our hardwired predisposition to non-violence as an unfortunate obstacle, to be overcome through desensitization (scroll down)...and after a while, art starts to imitate life again, and things get weird....

And that about brings us up to speed.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009


Like a lot of people, my most original creative thinking happens in that few minutes just before falling asleep - in the realm of lucid dreaming, and pre-dreaming... where your thoughts begin to separate from you.

You know you're doing it right when your thoughts start to solidify and float, apparently waiting to be shifted, spread... molded and worked.

With practice you can get so good at it that it you basically have your own little Holodeck, where you paint out scenes and sculpt shimmering reality with ease.

The ancient knowledge, the stuff that comes around every now and then in some new packaging - that's that state that it is hinting at, too. The same state, but in this realm, the waking realm.

Sculpting the waking realm is no more difficult that sculpting dreamscapes. All you have to do is know what you want, and work hard to get it. That's how you make the world your own.

This is all fine and good - but what happens when you put that kind of effort and dedication into evil? What happens when you use "The Secret" to better yourself in the art of profiting from misery and growing wealthy from crisis? Using visualization and furious logic to justify murder, exploitation and cruelty?

(Funny how, on a small scale, we condemn this type of thing - but on a large scale, it's business as usual. Same goes for acts of violence....)

The answer is that it works just as well. No matter who you are are what you do, you can use the ancient knowledge to your advantage. Nature may be benevolent - and merciless - but in any case, it does not recognize morality. It's laws and systems apply to all of us.

They know it. That's why they are doing so 'well'. They own the joint - because they decided they owned it.

The Grand Arena

Not to pass judgement, or anything - but I thought it might be useful to provide a little insight into the routine activities our esteemed aristocracy participates in...

While they watch from wherever it is they get to watch from, the world unfolds as it should....

In the ring, we have a mixture of ruthless, not-a-shit-giving gangsters; dark-hearted souls who do the devils work; dead-eyed, dead-end, cash-money hookers; and demon commandos accountable only to whoever signs the cheques...

On a global playing field, enemies, friends, plans, ideas - and business - roil in perpetual motion....competing, collapsing, coalescing....

Cheering from the sidelines, you will find arrogant fiends who act as literal fountains of hypocrisy....

Inflation and Escalation

Nothing makes me happier than people who know what they are talking about. People who, when addressing a certain subject, aren't immediately compromised by their interests.

These are the pragmatists, the ones who specialize in analysis and deduction - they don't have to worry about getting re-elected. They don't have to toe the line or worry about losing their jobs, and they are usually right on the money.

Take their advice or leave it, but it may be wise to keep these guys in mind - just in case.

Moving right along....Lots of sketchy moves happening, all over the place....even paradise...

Did you know that we (and I say we as in, 'we white, north american, first world people'...because they are our governements, after all....) do this all the time, but we're not at war with them?

And dont think that they are cool with it - because they arent.

Anyway....in other news, weird shit, and getting weirder....people explaining away impossible mistakes...and all the usual suspects are found in the middle of everything.

Answers I ain't got, just plenty of curiosity...

Hypocrisy in action

When chaos erupts, governments crack down. That's just the way it is.

We over here in north america know that. But our politicians feel the need to attack other countries when they respond to disorder the same way we respond (i.e. with violence.)

Its not always easy to put this hypocrisy in perspective.

But when you flat out jam your foot into your mouth, you get a clear glimpse of why we have absolutely no right to impose our "values" and way of life on anyone else.

It's none of our business. But the power structure always needs new business. And that's why things are the way they are.

Monday, June 22, 2009

Pressure drop

A setting sun requests that I leave some encouraging words as a final post today...I know they are few and far between...

But like anything else, what we lack, we can create -

Secrets are being discovered all the time... secrets that can help you.

There are people out there working tirelessly to promote truth, save lives, and generally help out...in a time when we really need it.

And of course, there is hilarity like this.

Mix and match

Watch what you introduce to your bloodstream....creepy language in that one.

Language can be manipulated - just like viruses and bacteria can be manipulated...intertwined into new, designer pathogens.

Simple language and straightforward logic can be torn down by experts in deceit - what else would you call the art of exploiting fractions of uncertainty? - and formed into obscene parodies where the original intent of the law is completely subverted.

How completely insane is it to legislate a code of conduct in warfare, by the way? Who will be following it? Warfare...is an admission of chaos. It is explosions and body parts and drilled knees and everything else. Instead of rationalizing it and sanitizing it, maybe we should clue in to Smedley from a couple posts back and just give up the whole, rotten racket.

Anyway...In effect, this is the purpose of the law: To ensure that nothing is certain. Everything is open to interpretation. For better or for worse. And if you cant afford a lawyer - to interpret the law in your favour - it's for worse.

The top guys? If they want something to happen, no law will stop them - they will dismantle, disregard, and they will twist the existing laws so as to support their venture.

Of course, this subversion is masterfully executed, polished with what appears to be flawless logic...or not.

It's not difficult to convince yourself of something; it's even easier to let someone else convince you. We let people do it all the time. Taken to an extreme, a few pointed arguments at a sensitive time can turn our morals and conduct upside down.

Is that how frail our character really is?

The real challenge is to incorporate compassion, morality, humility, and a sense of unity into our dealings - economic, political, social. Once that happens, we will realize that the industries of death operate at far too high a price to be sustainable. And we will shut them down.

Down she goes...

While the real world, the one that we live in, crumbles in every way imaginable - the world of make-believe gets more and more threatening.

I say make-believe because it's easy to twist truth into bullshit if you know how to do it.

As for complicity...Some of us will do anything to keep our eyes on the illusion and away from the truth.


Here's an obvious question, with a despicable answer:

Why do these guys get bailed out, but these guys don't?

One key to the answer is to look at who is doing the bailing.

I find that, once you pull back a little, common sense takes over.

It's just like anything else: crews compete, in different but connected arenas, and whoever gets to the top gets to control the nation's money - which in turn controls the policies of the nation.

It's like sports. Teams go hard, competing for their share of the world's pies, but they are all part of the same game. They all chill together and get wasted together and all that. Every now and then someone will point this little system out to us, but they are usually military i.e. not rich and their views just dont matter that much to the dudes upstairs. (Until they put their foot down. Which makes everyone nervous.)

There is no mystery anymore. There is only business as usual.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Close, Closer

Just putting it out there...but things are moving pretty quick.

And 90 percent of the time, when something moves quick, it does so out of nervousness, anxiety - fear. 10 percent of time, things move quick, act decisively, out of confidence.

So Ill take these blatancies for what they are, and do my best to stay the hell out of the way.

Damage Control in a Damaged World

Remember Watergate? I wasn't alive, but it seems like it was a big deal at the time.

That shit is quaint now. These days, you cant go three days without some flailing attempt at damage control over one atrocity or another.

Things are looking bad in the American cities, but dig around and you see that it's even worse behind the scenes... Here is a bit of an eye-opener. Does it need to be pointed out that no "scamster" would ever try to pass over 130 billion of forged treasury notes? That is macro-level stuff. Other people might be looking into doing the same thing. Very embarassing for everyone involved. I wouldn't be surprised to see some unpleasant things happen to Japan in the near future...

Joe Average doesnt do much reading. But he will be as informed as he needs to be once the poison works it's way through the system....systemic...great word. Systemic failure.

Because first the big ones fall and then, slowly but surely, everything joins in the cacophany of destruction that leaves an ocean of rubble in its wake...too new to decay....a perfect sea of diamond dust.

Assumption, Twisted Logic, and Dropping From The Eaves

Maybe knowledge corrupts, but it also empowers.

For example, knowing about this should make you assume that every digital communication you are a part of is recorded and evaluated somewhere.

Of course, that's nonsense. You would need a billion people listening if you were to data-mine a billion phone calls in real time. There is just too much going on to filter and evaluate it all.

But that wont stop them from trying.

A few words to the wise: The lines that we see on maps aren't real to some people. Concepts like rights, explained in words and enshrined on paper - also not real, should they so decide. And that goes both ways. We can also decide what is real and what isn't. The mask is off and the next step is to decide what we will be doing about these new circumstances.

National sovereignty, public well being, and community cease being priorities once you get to the Federal, Corporate, and Supranational levels of societal macro-management. When they work together, you get a living nightmare where compassion and humanity are perverted through the twisted logic and delusions of grandeur characteristic of those who design and implement such philosophy.

To these people I would say: Listen to the pros. They know about this kind of stuff.

Would you burn a billion bucks?

Dumb question right?

Then why do we think these guys would do it?

Take a look at the bigger picture. Match this up with this.

Notice that there are people who do burn billions - and that's why Governments kill them.

Now do you see what is wrong with headlines like this?

Recent past and current events

Governments work for their own interests, period. Powerful governments are populated with people who have strong ideas about how things should be in the world. If they dont like your ideas, they get to work dismantling them. This is called business as usual.

It is true that, in practical terms, Governments cannot be primarily concerned with individual freedoms and needs. A macro perspective must be taken in order to make the sacrafices necessary in order to maintain public order.

Invariably, throughout history, there is a tipping point at which a Government becomes self-aware, and as a result, self-preserving. After that it becomes self-fulfilling. It exists to do it's work - a parasitic entity composed of it's hosts' once-independent cells.

Thinking of it that way, governments and corporations have a lot in common.

There is another tipping point, and that is when the sacrifices being made by the public overwhelm the public good being provided by Government. The result is that Government is dismantled in favor of new styles of governance: community, city-state, nomadic or tribal.

If I was a betting man, I would wager that we are going to see that tipping point not only within our lifetimes, but within a decade.

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Saturday, June 20, 2009

A Good Quote

Be regular and orderly in your life so that you may be violent and original in your work.”