Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Back Atter

So I figure its time to get this bitch up and running again, with a slightly altered M.O....

I'm gonna do my best to avoid naive and impassioned rants while continuing to provide important info in a different context than most news spots... Facebook status line is good for news links but you cant get too arty... and I am an art-box if nothing else :)

Tiny Tour starts in a couple months, the album is out today, and you can download (free) or order (money) all the tunes here if you like. All dates will be posted there too as they are confirmed.

Most of the Canada and US shows will be free, and many will be in places you dont normally find acoustic punk songs being sung...

The world is as crazy as ever, with this and this topping the relevance scale.

And remembering this... makes this pretty important too.

Of course, these are all perspectives, but ones rooted in analysis of known facts. Read all you can and come to your own conclusions.

What else...

I had a fight with the editor of the local litter-box liner, which I'll put up here later..

My bros are having childrens...

Me, Greggy and Cozers have a new punk band that DESTROYS FACES. The first new song that we all wrote together is called "Nuclear Enemy", and is about the lack thereof.

My arms and hands are on fire from too much doing. Rest will be vital in the leadup to tour.

I was sick for a day and had a cough for a week. Vitamins and steak cured it, along with a reduction in weed smoke inhalation.

During my fever-day, I started 5 books. Swear to God.

The first one that will be finished is about analyzing media content for truth and should be a cool little manual by the time it's done, I think by about March.

The last one that will be finished is about the psychic architecture that is being built between the Internet and the human Collective Unconscious... Our biological and spiritual evolution... it will take longer.

2010 is going to be fucked.