Monday, November 30, 2009

Big One

Here is a letter I just sent to an old friend who is presently working as an ER nurse in Seattle.


check this out man...a quote from the article I sent you just now:

"The gene mutation CCR-5 Delta-32 is found mostly in white European populations, especially northern Europeans and Scandanavians, according to Gupta, who is on the staff of South Baldwin Regional Medical Center and served as chief of medicine in 2008.

“Those who have this gene mutation from both parents are completely resistant to most common forms of HIV infection. You can get tested for it if you wish,” he said.

“It is believed that this genetic mutation may have happened during long periods of small pox, plague and other pandemics that devastated European populations.”

Ok... have you done any deep reading on the origin of HIV? There is a ton of evidence that it originated as a side effect from a Polio vaccination campaign in Africa in the 50's. Here is a good resource:

Now, furthering that theory, there is a growing group who feels that it was done on purpose - genetic engineering / eugenics, to attempt to control the growth and ethnicity of the human species.

Of course that's the type of thing that is impossible to prove...

BUT after reading that quote - notice how the doctor clearly states that the gene mutation that PROTECTS from HIV, completely if both parents provide it, is found mostly in white european and scandanavian peoples.

Holy fuck, eh?!