Saturday, December 5, 2009

Hidden in Plain Sight: Chapter 3 (excerpt)

A brief excerpt from Chapter 3, commenting on the search engine censorship in the wake of Climategate.


During the media frenzy that came to be known as Climategate, it was revealed by both award-winning science blogger Anthony Watt and Telegraph columnist James Delingpole that both Google and Bing search engines were censoring the word "climategate" from their Autosuggest function. This despite the fact that when typed into either engine and searched, over 21 million hits came back.

This means that, even though millions of people worldwide were doing searches on "climategate", making it extremely relevant, it was purposely removed from the 'suggested search' lists that pop up when you begin typing a query into a search engine by the Google and Bing administrators, who in turn were acting on orders from above. (As of Dec. 5 2009, 'climate-gate' is now back in the autosuggest of Bing, still missing from Google.)

Why would Google and Microsoft, two of the world's most powerful organizations, team up to prevent this word from being suggested?

The official line is that there is no censorship - that search engines simply do what we tell them to and are completely democratic in what they suggest, starting with the most popular according to searchers.

The disappearance of 'climategate' from Google and Bing proves otherwise. By removing it from the autosuggest of most popular searches, they are subtly attempting to shape reality - attempting to both create a different perception of the event, and to literally 'un-create' it's existence in the digital realm.

Google admits that unsavoury terms like 'child abuse' and related concepts are removed from autosuggest, in order to discourage the searching of these topics.

In that respect, it's clear that both Google and Microsoft would prefer that we not search the word Climategate.

At this point, big questions arise. Who exactly, inside Google and Microsoft, is in charge of deciding what words and concepts are unsavory? Who is in charge of shaping how we see reality?

The Google censorship is just the tip of the iceberg - a tiny fraction of the social engineering going on behind the scenes of our Reality. We have seen how the classical media has been corrupted by powerful interests since it's inception, and their incarnations in the 21st century are no different.

The difference this time is, the playing field is practically even. The television only speaks one-way - there is no room for debating what it's telling you. It is a controlled medium.

The Internet is a 6-billion-way conversation, and in it's true incarnation, represents the overwhelming possibility of Truth to change the way we lead our lives, conduct our business, and design our societies.

It represents unlimited intellectual freedom of expression - the Ultimate liberation of human consciousness.

The classical superstructures are working hard to see that this evolutionary step is further delayed so that they can remain in parasitical power, profiting from human misery and degradation through the imposition of unnatural, exploitative economic systems.

Senator Jay Rockefeller says it would be better had the Internet never existed, now that it's become a source of solidarity for the masses of this planet. That’s the thing - at first, Internet was seen as just one more business opportunity, another stream of income for the power structures.

Where most people saw the potential for unlimited freedom of expression, they only saw the potential for limitless transactions: the Holy Grail of Point Of Sale.

Now, president Obama may be granted the executive authority to 'shut down' the Internet in the United States at his discretion. Remember that the President himself doesn't even write his own speeches, much less dictate policy. The Pentagon and US Army have also launched their Cybercommand structure, bringing the conventional battlefield onto the Internet. The declared enemy? Anyone or anything deemed a threat to the 'security of the nation'.

And if searching for truth in the greatest store of human knowledge in history isn't a threat to the current power structure, I don’t know what is.