Thursday, December 3, 2009

Success and Failure

Success and failure are flawed concepts.

They have no meaning!

You attempt to do something, say ride a bike; you fall over.

You have "failed", according to common logic.

But in fact, what you've done is taken the first step in understanding the bike, and how to interact with it.

You have also forced a blast of new information into your muscles, a new set of coordinates and commands, on 'how to ride the bike'. There is so much information coming from your body during this first attempt that it overwhelms your system, and you to fall to the ground in disarray.

Hundreds of muscles, billions of cells were all attempting to operate in perfect interaction - your limbs, eyes, internal organs, endocrine and adrenal systems, and so much more - all doing their utmost to excel at this new, mysterious task.

There was no Failure - just the opposite. There was a massive step forward, one that could lead you to entirely new possibilities.

Success works the same way only backwards.

You write a book that becomes popular; you become rich and celebrated. You have "succeeded".

What you have actually done is to completely reinforce your entire way of existence - whatever qualities and shortcomings you had before "success" are now ingrained in you as the 'right way', because you have been rewarded for your behaviour.

This obviously isn't always a bad thing. But if we are being honest, most of us will admit that we have patterns and attitudes that aren’t healthy and need working on. And if you have managed to hang on to some unhealthy habits while still becoming 'successful', then you can let them fester and grow complacent, smug in the comfort zone of the reinforcement of success.

With this in mind, the simple act of Doing, to the utmost of your desire or ability, is the most integral action one can undertake.

Expect no rewards and hold yourself to your own standard.