Thursday, January 14, 2010

Boys and Girls

One certainty about homosexuality is that gay sex is inconsequential in nature; it is a biologically meaningless act. The experience is simply a repeated firing of electrochemical circuits during orgasm - followed by nothing.

Sex with a female, however, is entirely different. One kiss from a beautiful woman can send a man reeling for days. Real, uninhibited sex between a man and woman feels like a trip to another universe. There are measurable physical changes in members of opposite sexes when they interact, even just during a conversation.

I think that the reason sex with a woman leaves you feeling physically and spiritually invigorated and sex with a man leaves you feeling unfazed is both metaphysical and biological in nature.

My guess is, the intoxication associated with heterosexual sex is due to the fact that the Potential for the creation of new life is permeating the entire experience.

When a man and a woman have sex, ancient enzymes in our saliva are mixing and transforming… hormone and pheromone exchanges are taking place… biological organs with the express purpose of breeding new life are interacting.

Between two males, however, there is no 'chemistry'. Nature knows there is no possibility of new life being created from the encounter, and so it provides none of the electrochemical magic normally used to entice you into breeding with a woman.

Nature, in essence, is dismissing the sex as a non-event - in the hopes that you will miss the experiential reward of hetero sex, and next time use your seed in a more 'productive' manner.

I think that gay people can love each other with the same depth of affection that heterosexual couples do, but I don’t think the actual intoxication of creation can be experienced in gay sex, even in the most extreme of stimulating situations.

The physical reaction from the body is there, there is a blast of 'pleasure' - but it is one-dimensional and icy, a shock of release that quickly fades to grey.

Among primates, homosexuality and incest is a part of daily life. But primates do not possess the spark of divinity that we do; primates cannot conceptualize, design and create vast works of architecture, engineering and art.

Among humans, unique with our (necessary) concept of moral relativity and our conceptual brilliance, homosexuality is rooted in the dark side of lust, found in the wiring of natures emotional and chemical black markets…