Thursday, January 21, 2010

Single Cell

Lymphocytes, Natural Killer cells, granulocytes... Protein envelopes, microphages, and advanced, self-replicating machinery...

Sounds like the Future but in fact, is the Past... Going all the way back from the Great Birth that probably happened at some point...

Studying the universe of the biological Body is fascinating, enlightening, and stupifyingly complex.

I have a cool book about the known processes of the human immune system that is my go-to text when I am sick of the lightstream that is the Net. It is written for the layperson (me), with enough technical language to keep things scientifically accurate.

The most interesting thing about the book is that, unlike most texts, it happily admits that very little is known about anything.

Finally, some honesty.

It is understood that there are groups of cells that swoop down to the site of any damaged tissue - microphages - and get to work cleaning out the area and destroying any bacteria or pollutants... There are the next-level guys (big eaters = macrophages) that do the same, there are antibodies (produced by the body to deactivate antigens, foreign substances in the body)...

They have their soldiers, and they engage in typical, chemical, and asymmetrical warfare - some cells can shoot others (granulocytes), some cause chemical reactions that blow-up tumor cells (NK cells.. awesome)... There is a mysterious substance called Interferon that cells deploy to fuck with the machinery of virus-inhabited cells, inhibiting their ability to replicate... There is an elaborate system of chemical communication between the brain, the limbic system and untold other regions using messages called Cytokines... little emails between varied regions that say "Got it", "Send more weapons to this region", or "We are fucking up"

Amazing, isn't it?

I mean - Why?

Good and bad, good and bad.... In the human world everything is grey, relative, and fluid according to norms and such...

In the natural world, devoid of morality, there is only the Threat and the Killer.

The cockiest of animals know that Death is everywhere...

And they take huge pleasure in destroying their enemies, in bringing Death to what they hate.

Is it wrong to feel the same way? To want to murder - ideas, paradigms, structures that threaten?

To feel a programmed, natural desire to Kill those who would enslave?

Wrong or not, I've always known that my purpose Here is to fight - conceptually and rationally, not with violence - the rotten scum who get off as they assault you... Who try to control our minds and bodies...

That's why this blog is called Born Free - because we were. I dont think anyone on this planet has authority to tell any other human what to do - Period.

That being said, I believe in co-operative government, sustainable communities, and equality for all. I believe that if someone is threatening your safety, you have the right to defend yourself.

All of these ideas will be important to keep in mind over the next decade or so.