Thursday, February 4, 2010

Tiny Tour 2010

Tomorrow kicks off the first Small Wars tour.. here is a breakdown of dates.

sidney - folk society meeting (church)
victoria - folk society meeting (heritage house)
nanaimo - open mic (converted bank)
vancouver - open mic (coffee house)
banff - open mic (community center)
regina - busk (rcmp church)
winnipeg - full set (bike repair co-op)
toronto - open mic (hostel)
peterborough - support set (club)
ottawa - busk (eternal flame)
montreal - full set (club)
amsterdam - busk (squat)
the hague - busk (international court of justice)
antwerp - busk (hidden ancient street)
ghent - full set (anarchist community center)
bruxelles - full set (club)
paris - support set (club)
toulouse - support set (club)
barcelona - busk (ancient cemetary)
zaragoza - busk (3rd century roman tower)
rouen - busk (monument where joan of arc was burned at the stake)
lille - busk (palais des beaux-arts)
new york city - support set (club)
san francisco - support set (club)

All details and dates are here.