Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Pink Elephants

Things are looking bad - for all sides - when the Government works to prevent rational discourse...

Since when is it their job to moderate our discussions?

This is the type of thing that happens regularly once we start introducing Hate Legislation into our society...

They sound like benevolent ideas - you know, with names like this - who is going to argue against an anti-bully law that uses the name of a dead child in it's title? No one...Except for those in the know who recognize that deceptive language is often used to disguise the true nature of something.

There is no need for new laws to punish the motivation of crimes. We already have a justice system. Criminal acts are punished regardless of the criminal's belief system. (One way to break this functioning system is by overwhelming it with pointless bureaucracy.)

If you know a bit about history, you know that Governments regularly use creative language to make terrible ideas sound great. If this is a concept you can't or won't wrap your head around, then you can stop reading now.

Keeping this in mind... once you peel away the despicable use of dead children to trigger an emotional response in order to facilitate the passing of the law... once you peel away all the speeches and justifications...what you have is a law that sets the stage for the supression of dissenting thought and opinion.

The key to control is getting them used to something. It's like the old analogy: Dont think of a pink elephant....

These varied assaults on common sense are implemented with the intention of creating an atmosphere of distrust and cynicism, eating away at what little sense of community we have left...so that there is more and more opportunities for the Federal / Corporate / Supranational entity to supervise and regulate us....all paid for with our own money, of course.

By the way, these are the statistics they would prefer you not see.

Many people say things that make us want to vomit. They say things we don't agree with. They say things that infuriate us.

That is the nature of a free society.

"If we don't believe in freedom of expression for people we despise, we don't believe in it at all."

Noam Chomsky