Sunday, June 21, 2009

Recent past and current events

Governments work for their own interests, period. Powerful governments are populated with people who have strong ideas about how things should be in the world. If they dont like your ideas, they get to work dismantling them. This is called business as usual.

It is true that, in practical terms, Governments cannot be primarily concerned with individual freedoms and needs. A macro perspective must be taken in order to make the sacrafices necessary in order to maintain public order.

Invariably, throughout history, there is a tipping point at which a Government becomes self-aware, and as a result, self-preserving. After that it becomes self-fulfilling. It exists to do it's work - a parasitic entity composed of it's hosts' once-independent cells.

Thinking of it that way, governments and corporations have a lot in common.

There is another tipping point, and that is when the sacrifices being made by the public overwhelm the public good being provided by Government. The result is that Government is dismantled in favor of new styles of governance: community, city-state, nomadic or tribal.

If I was a betting man, I would wager that we are going to see that tipping point not only within our lifetimes, but within a decade.