Friday, June 26, 2009

Real Assets for Dummies

These people aren't stupid.

They've been doing this for a while...and buying other stuff, too....and the fact that we are starting to read about it means that we are expected to start getting used to reading about it.

No matter where you look, no matter what angle you take - it seems we are being prepped for a massive reduction in living standards....

Getting someone used to something is what control is all about.

Give someone only grass to eat for a week and they will call you a Saint for giving them some peanuts.

Tell them it's for the Environment and people will give their lives...Or at least pay out the nose for the privelige of living them...

No matter what it is: Just get them used to it, and it's no big deal. Really.

How about some real change?

Maybe we could let everyone in on the whole money-is-free thing. I could certainly use some Quantitative Easing. I think we all could - not just these guys.

Seriously. If we can print up a trillion, if we can build this, if we can design this and this -

Then how can we believe that the world 'just is the way it is' - full of hunger and needless war and varied savagery - disguised as necessary, of course - how do we believe that anymore?

Oh wait, I know...because we are told that there is no other way.... That the world is a cruel place full of nightmare brown / yellow / red people and scary punks who live only to destroy...

If we don't go over there - to fight them - they will come get us. Helpless, cornered, us.

If we dont stop them now...I mean, if we don't stop them...after we fund them...and entrap them....they might actually do something....oh nevermind.

If we don't take charge - the terrorists win... Right?