Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Diggin around...

There are all sorts of truths to be found, should you be inclined to do a little digging.

One truth that keeps coming back to me is: not only are we what we eat, we are also what we know.

What we know defines the world around us. When we learn something new, suddenly we are equipped to change the world around us in ways that were impossible before.

For example: If you learn to do brain surgery, you will acquire skills to save many thousands of lives in your lifetime.

All information works the same way. When you absorb and understand something, a fact, a theory, an opinion, your perspective shifts as a result.

The unintended but unavoidable side effect of learning is that it changes you, whether you like it or not. This bothers some people so much that they choose to actively stop learning, which is a perspective I can appreciate.

When I learn that something like this exists, I think to myself - Imagine if everyone knew about this, and a few investors got together and decided to bring it to market. It would change everything. The tectonic plates of our society, economy, and political structure would shift dramatically. For better or for worse.

Thats what learning does. It necessitates, and precipitates, change.

So, when you learn other things, you become an agent for change, whether you like it or not.

I figure it's stupid, arrogant, and lame to run around proclaiming some truth you discovered to others. Thats preaching, and it's nauseating. But I don't think it's stupid to read and learn and discover that some things are not at all what they seem. I don't think it's arrogant to respond with some facts when confronted with ignorance. And I don't think it's lame to document injustice and hypocrisy in contemporary society - because part of the deal with learning is you have to pass it on - you will pass it on - again, whether you like it or not.