Sunday, June 21, 2009

Assumption, Twisted Logic, and Dropping From The Eaves

Maybe knowledge corrupts, but it also empowers.

For example, knowing about this should make you assume that every digital communication you are a part of is recorded and evaluated somewhere.

Of course, that's nonsense. You would need a billion people listening if you were to data-mine a billion phone calls in real time. There is just too much going on to filter and evaluate it all.

But that wont stop them from trying.

A few words to the wise: The lines that we see on maps aren't real to some people. Concepts like rights, explained in words and enshrined on paper - also not real, should they so decide. And that goes both ways. We can also decide what is real and what isn't. The mask is off and the next step is to decide what we will be doing about these new circumstances.

National sovereignty, public well being, and community cease being priorities once you get to the Federal, Corporate, and Supranational levels of societal macro-management. When they work together, you get a living nightmare where compassion and humanity are perverted through the twisted logic and delusions of grandeur characteristic of those who design and implement such philosophy.

To these people I would say: Listen to the pros. They know about this kind of stuff.