Sunday, June 21, 2009

Damage Control in a Damaged World

Remember Watergate? I wasn't alive, but it seems like it was a big deal at the time.

That shit is quaint now. These days, you cant go three days without some flailing attempt at damage control over one atrocity or another.

Things are looking bad in the American cities, but dig around and you see that it's even worse behind the scenes... Here is a bit of an eye-opener. Does it need to be pointed out that no "scamster" would ever try to pass over 130 billion of forged treasury notes? That is macro-level stuff. Other people might be looking into doing the same thing. Very embarassing for everyone involved. I wouldn't be surprised to see some unpleasant things happen to Japan in the near future...

Joe Average doesnt do much reading. But he will be as informed as he needs to be once the poison works it's way through the system....systemic...great word. Systemic failure.

Because first the big ones fall and then, slowly but surely, everything joins in the cacophany of destruction that leaves an ocean of rubble in its wake...too new to decay....a perfect sea of diamond dust.