Friday, June 26, 2009

Garbo Zone

God. Sign out for three minutes and the skies fill with garbage, and it's back to work....

Situations that look remarkably like past situations...etcetera.

Back at home, where trust is undermined, casually - a casualty of business...And it's all business.... There is peace to be had, but it's not quite the peace that we think it is...It's a peace that was built on a bloody slaughterhouse floor, and the guts were still fresh when we laid the planks over them...

Slippery, wet, slimy guts of dead people - men, women, children - that's what our proud leaders would have us celebrate, because that is what we Export like pallets of knock-off Tommy Jeans - except ours are Pallets of Death.

I know, it's funny right? It totally is! LMAO!!

Columbus Day? Do you have any idea who the fuck Columbus was?