Monday, June 22, 2009


Here's an obvious question, with a despicable answer:

Why do these guys get bailed out, but these guys don't?

One key to the answer is to look at who is doing the bailing.

I find that, once you pull back a little, common sense takes over.

It's just like anything else: crews compete, in different but connected arenas, and whoever gets to the top gets to control the nation's money - which in turn controls the policies of the nation.

It's like sports. Teams go hard, competing for their share of the world's pies, but they are all part of the same game. They all chill together and get wasted together and all that. Every now and then someone will point this little system out to us, but they are usually military i.e. not rich and their views just dont matter that much to the dudes upstairs. (Until they put their foot down. Which makes everyone nervous.)

There is no mystery anymore. There is only business as usual.