Wednesday, July 22, 2009

War, Part 2: Multiple Front Lines

Now that we've looked at How war is waged, we can turn our attention to Where it is waged...

War, in overt or covert form, is taking place all around us. Some wars are so subtle and the battles so small that we are not even aware of them. Sometimes, war is purposely disguised as something else (using deceptive language) to make it more palatable to the people who actually fund the wars being waged....Us.

Wars of aggression, economic and trade wars, ideological wars, policy wars, wars on concepts and wars on sickness... Wars on people and wars on Nature herself.

The current power structures understand that in order to maintain their position, war must be waged on any emerging threat. This logic of necessary, 'pre-emptive' attack is grotesquely stretched to include the mere concept of the possibility of an emerging threat.

Hence, we can justify the wholesale murder of children, since within their fertile young minds, the seed of Resistance may have taken root... We can justify the razing of community farms because they represent an emerging economic threat... We can justify the electrocution and torturous imprisonment of citizens because they have made their opposition to the Game explicitly clear by not being subservient enough. We can even justify the imposition of sickness since to promote health would constitute a threat to the profit margins of certain entrenched elements of the Power Structure.

How have we ended up here?

The answer is: By declaring all of the above to be "For Your Safety and Security".

Like all steaming piles of bullshit, you will find fresh Rationality around every turn with these arguments, possibly even gift-wrapped with strands of de-contextualized Truth...

As I am fond of pointing out, we can rationalize anything. Someone got cut? Ban knives.

It makes sense, doesn't it? Of course it does, on one level - it appeals to the reactionary aspect of our nature, and also to our desire for a straightforward solution.

Do enough research and you will find that the power structures utilize this straightforward logic when it serves them, but if such logic is ever employed in the conception of a Different Way of Doing Things... well, that's the type of thing that will get you... in trouble.

Anyway, we've been through this: When they founded the great big US of A, they knew exactly what they were doing - they made sure that the People retained the right to issue currency, the right to say whatever they feel like, including criticize the Government, and to back it all up they made sure that the People are allowed to be armed to the teeth, so that should the Government ever infringe on the rights of the People it is supposed to represent, the People can retain populist power by force if necessary. The Constitution of the United States was crafted specifically to limit Government power, as is clear by the 10th Amendment which states that any powers not delegated to the Federal Goverment stay with the States by default...

In the last post, I stated that to begin to understand the World and how it works, you have to first acquire an understanding of War... Now that we have seen that war is ubiquitous, you are better equipped to identify the true nature of things that take place all around you.

The first step to getting better is to admit that there is a problem...

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