Monday, July 20, 2009


Those of us who don't know much about it regard math as some sort of Perfect Language that can quantify anything...But poke around enough and you will discover that math can be distorted and subverted, just like any language...

Take this for example. Here we have an equation, a Tool if you will, designed by a brilliant man for a specific purpose. He was so intent on creating this formula that he either:

A) Failed to realize the unstable nature of the conclusions the equation produced - which I doubt, since he is a genius...or...

B) Recognized the unstable nature of the conclusions the equation produced but pronounced it useable in the Real World anyway, kowtowing to some combination of external and internal pressure.

The whole business world was salivating for that formula.

Regardless of intent, it is a perfect example of corrupt language, in this case mathematical.

It is also a good study in Paradox, since it contributed to great Creation as well as great Destruction...

At the end of the day, for all it's brilliance and complex simplicity, this Tool failed to produce anything of lasting Value.

This is because it was not based in Reality.