Thursday, July 9, 2009

Lie Detects

I trust my gut with most things - especially people.

The senses we were born with - if you learn to listen to them - will guide you true through nearly any situation...

Humans tend to be terrible liars. When we lie, most of us exhibit our dishonesty physiologically. We fidget, we blush, we move wrong... I'm sure that there are various other chemical giveaways emenating as well...the scent of deceit.

When I watched this, I thought "This guy is lying." Maybe there are some scattered seeds of truth he is exploiting, but his performance registered a solid 75 percent on the Lie Scale for me.

Truth and lies are tricky concepts. There are half-lies and half-truths...fractional derivatives of each...complex equations that people use to justify any number of things...

But regardless of it's subtleties, if you're using your nose - the smell of bullshit always makes it's way to the forefront.

Which is why I was surprised that, when I watched this, I didn't pick up one hint of falsehood.

I don't sense one iota of bullshit in there.

Anyway - that's my take on it. You may watch that clip and hear nothing but garbo-spew...

But that's for you to find out.