Thursday, July 9, 2009


It's hard to reconcile components of a larger story when they seem to contradict each other.

Take this for example. How is one expected to reconcile that information with this information?

The cognitive dissonance you are experiencing is the tip of the iceberg...

The more research you do...The more facts you verify...The more contradictions you weather...

The more the true picture gradually comes into focus.

The things being talked about here and many other places seem outlandish only if you haven't done any research...

If I told you about a translucent spider that turns into a wheel to roll down sand dunes to escape predators - without proof - you would call me crazy, I'm sure...

But if you do your homework, and know some history, and have some time to spend - you may be fortunate enough to figure out what is actually happening in the World we live in.

Ask yourself:

Does it make sense that Chris Columbus, a genocidal maniac, is exalted in our culture?

Does it make sense that a never-ending war on drugs would be characterized by no change in either the quantity nor quality of drugs available on the street?

Does it make sense that we inject people with deadly, toxic radiation to treat cancer?

Is it reasonable that we bomb the shit out of desperately poor familes because we are exporting democracy? I'm sorry, what?

Does it make sense that we eat and drink poison? All the time?

Some facts:

7. The highest echelons of political, corporate and military power structures are populated by psychopaths, murderers and rapists - as well as benevolent, principled human beings.

8. The other side of the war on drugs - the prison-industrial complex - is in actuality a massively profitable scheme that exploits the intricacies of civil law in order to detain and liquidate citizens of their assets.

10. The highest levels of the corporate, political and military power structures are actively involved in mass murder, war crimes, and ethnic cleansing - for profit - on a daily basis.

Let these uncomfy truths settle in a little bit and we'll call it a day....