Friday, July 24, 2009

Chemtrail Investigation: Chapter Three

to"McNulty, Brad"
date24 July 2009 14:23
subjectRe: Contrails from aircraft
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Thanks Brad, i will be in touch with Environment Canada regarding this.

In the meantime, could you please look into my questions regarding permits or licenses issued for the releasing of any substance in the atmosphere, namely:

1. Are there any conditions under which the practice of releasing anything in the atmosphere by aircraft, commercial or otherwise, is condoned by Transport Canada? And if so, are there permits or licenses issued for this practice?

2. Also, I would like to know if there are any circumstances, military, commercial, or otherwise, under which a foreign i.e. non-Canadian aircraft would be permitted to release any substances in the atmosphere over Canadian territory?

3. Finally, I would like to know if Transport Canada has a working relationship with the Department of National Defense. If so, please detail the nature and extent of any projects, policy co-ordination, interdepartmental working groups or any other situation where Transport Canada and DOD or any sub-agencies or affiliates thereof would be working together.

These questions reflect the fact that there is documented, physical evidence of the release of substances, by aircraft, in Canadian airspace. If the senior administration of Transport Canada is unaware of this phenomenon - which is highly unlikely - they well should be. It constitutes a clear and present hazard to not only the health of the citizens of Canada, but also to the environmental regulations which are intended to protect against such hazards.

Thanks for your co-operation on this, looking forward to hearing from you.