Saturday, July 4, 2009

Truth in Hiding

Ahh, the morning news.

You may have to dig through garbage to get to it, but the truth is in there... which is surprising.

That`s how loud the talk is getting. No one can ignore it: Not Fox, not the Daily Mail...Nobody.

It's in there - but if you are too lazy to read past the first few paragraphs, you would miss it - so let`s break it down a bit.

After detailing the events of 7/7, the writer then states that "Alarmingly, some of the conspiracy videos are being hawked around mosques throughout the country to whip up anti-British sentiment."

You'll see just how awful that statement is in a minute.

The piece goes on to state that, of the conspiracy theories circulating:

"...the most outlandish and offensive of them suggest that the attacks were not the work of Muslim terrorists at all, but were carried out by the Government to boost support for the Iraq war."

Outlandish and offensive. Again, keep that in mind.

The article begins to pick up a little steam. It goes on to examine the timeline of the official version of events, revealing several obvious inconsitencies. It reveals the poor quality of the one CCTV photo of the suspects released, and admits that no CCTV footage of the bombers in London has ever been released.

They then label the theories as "outrageous" again, before pointing out that some respected people in the Muslim world support the theories... It then continues to describe in detail how almost all of the worshippers in a mosque raised their hands when asked if they believed that the government account of 7/7 was false.

Nearing the end of the article, they drop the bombshell, as quickly as possible:

"By the most extraordinary coincidence - Ripple Effect says it is a billion-to-one chance - there was a mock terrorist exercise going on in London that day. This was revealed by the organiser and former Scotland Yard officer Peter Power on BBC Radio 5 in the early evening after the atrocity."

Did you catch that?

Do you remember this?

I have to hand it to them: Deep down, through the trash, after a long detour of further demonzing the Muslim populations that had nothing to do with these events...they told some truth. Amazing.

Do you know why?

Because the cat is out of the bag, and they are getting ready to join the winning side. Scumbags.