Thursday, July 9, 2009

Beyond Theology

I don't know about you, but I can't argue with this...

Where most people screw up is deciding where to go after they've discarded useless theology.

Once the Bible is discarded as ridiculous, as it already has been here in the First World, it's taken as a kind of wholesale rejection of spirituality and morality....And there is the mistake.

I don't believe in the lunatic God of the Bible - but I sure as hell believe in what I call The Process.

The Process: Life, Nature, itself.

I look at the overwhelming beauty and subtlety and brilliance and majesty of Nature, and I see something bigger than all of us...something that is the source of Us....our Creator.

But "he" can't be personified - it is a Process. It is some sort of mathematically imprecise, electrochemically abstract, conceptually light-speed slow-motion explosion of Love....unfolding like a fruit-flavored kaleidoscope on an Imax screen made of psilocybin and we are along for the ride.

It's hallmark is Paradox. It is simultaneously Benevolent and Merciless. It is Abundant and it is Barren.

It is fluid and it breaks bones.

It loves you - and couldn't care less about you.

It is little birds that clean out the teeth of alligators and red-faced border security agents with handguns. Waitresses and rhinestone mines. Telephone poles made from old-growth.

Broken wheelbarrows and F-16's. Rushing salmon in white rivers. Dead babies in Afghani rubble.

It is all this, and more...

It is the brush of lips timed perfectly with supersonic explosions half a world is a birth on a Greyhound bus headed is a beetle finding a crumb breakfast at the edge of someone else's backyard.

I don't know what the hell it is.

But I love of it...and I am certain that In it lies our Salvation.