Saturday, July 25, 2009

Ha ah aha 2

You guessed it - those dirty, rotten, fucking bastards have been Caught Red-Handed again.

These dimwits are so tech-illiterate that their big, secret, billion-dollar Department of Homeland Security routinely gets exposed for the frustrated little-man bullies and morons that comprise it's ranks.

Emphatically: Fuck you, Homeland Security, for trying to forment racism and hatred. You get lower each and every day you exist...

I do not advocate violence or other aggressive action against the citizens who comprise your structure; they are often simply misguided people who seek nothing more than a good job and to serve the greater good.

That being said - Fuck You, Homeland Security, for exploiting their needs and intentions and putting them to work as Banana Republic enforcers and dead-eyed bureaucrats.

I look forward to your eventual undoing at the hands of the long-suffering American populace.